Addressing Challenging Behavior Conference

Have you been to the Addressing Challenging Behavior Conference before? It’s a fabulous conference and easily one of the best in the country for professionals who work with young children with challenging behavior. I’m lucky enough to be posting this from this year’s conference in Clearwater, Florida. This is my second year attending; the sessions are amazing, and the opportunities to network with professionals and presenters from all over the country is just awesome. Want to talk to Dr. Phil Strain?  Easy enough!  Interested in the work of Dr. Lise Fox? Watch her present, and then discuss her work with her! Want to meet Susan Jack? No problem! You can find these folks and many more poolside, in the bar, on the beach, or in a session. It’s a great place to get re-energized and excited about your work! While this year’s conference is just about over, I have no doubt that next years will also be excellent. Here is the link to this year’s conference. Check it out!